BLESS Someone this Lunar New Year

Show them that they can see the love of Jesus through your genuine friendship.

Our focus is to engage intentionally in relationships.

No pressure to “evangelise”.

Just BLESS someone.

B - Begin in prayer
L - Listen to their joys and concerns
E - Eat and fellowship with them
S - Serve and be their present help in times of need
S - Share Lunar New Year joy and what it means to you

This blessing can take place anywhere and anytime over this Lunar New Year season: over reunion dinner, office lo-hei gathering, afternoon tea, lunch with a colleague, supper after a gym workout.


Chinese New Year Customs

Sun 11 Feb | 1.30-3.30pm

“一年之计在于春” is a common saying during 春节 (Spring Festival), meaning, “the plans of the year are made at Spring”.

As Christians, how may we plan for a spiritual harvest?

Come for a talk on CNY customs and appreciate mindsets of our pre-believing family members and friends. Learn to pave a way for the Gospel to their hearts with Jacob Cheng.

Lunch at $5 available upon request. Register at the Plaza or outside Emmanuel Hall, or with Claire Lowe.
Free Christian angpows for the first 20 registrants!
Free Chinese New Year orange bags, lo hei cards (English / Chinese) and bilingual CNY evangelistic tracts available for all.



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