Upcoming Events At TMC

Mid-Autumn Celebration

Sat, 30 Sep | 5.00-8.30pm | Plaza, TMC

Organised by Mandarin Service, this event will include gospel testimony-sharing, free-of-charge buffet dinner, mooncakes with tea, karaoke and pomelo peeling competition.

Limited to 150 people. Sign up at the iSunday Counter by Sun 24 Sep




Self-Worth, Self-Love, Self-Esteem

Sat, 14 Oct | 8.45am-12.45pm | The Upper Room, TMC

Young people today are exposed to a host of counter-Christian values that may impact how they see and value themselves. This, ultimately, has a part to play in how susceptible they are to emotional and mental health problems.

Discover what is the biblical perspective on self-esteem and how we can cultivate positive self-worth in our children. We will also explore why some people are better able to accept and like themselves, and how we can help those struggling with self-esteem issues. This is an important and significant subject, especially for those in parenting and mentoring roles.

Conducted by Dr Qu Li, Tina Chew and Tan Sue-Ann, all of whom are Counselling graduate students at Singapore Bible College.
Dr Qu is a Developmental Psychologist; Tina, a Family Coach and Sue-Ann, a former COO and Lawyer. They are also mothers of young people aged 7 to 29.





The Other Six Days - Sermon Series

As part of the upcoming theology of work sermon series (The Other Six Days), starting 13 Aug, we would like to invite you to join us to:

1. Read the book “Every Good Endeavour”.
The sermon series will be following closely to the chapters of the book
“Every Good Endeavour” (EGE) by Timothy Keller. The book is available for purchase at the iSunday counter for $14.

2. Be part of a “Network”.
Be connected with TMC members within your sector (homemakers and retirees, you are included too!).
Receive daily devotional thoughts based on the EGE book.
Be part of context-specific e-conversations.
Have a weekday night supper or weekend afternoon tea with those in the same sector for indepth discussion on Work as Worship and Witness.
Sign up here.

Click here to see the 7 Spheres of Influence.




The Way of Transforming Discipleship

22 Aug to 28 Nov, every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays | 10.00am to 12.30pm | Hallelujah Room

You are invited to a 7-session journey with us as we explore together what is authentic, whole Christian spirituality,
as we encourage one another to become the people God wants us to be,
as we reflect together on what faith means in terms of who we are, how we must change, how to deal with pain, and how to move toward reconciliation and belonging,
as we challenge one another to live the whole gospel by connecting spirituality and discipleship.

This will be jointly facilitated by Pastor Paul Nga, Mr Philip Khoo, and Mr Lee Park Ming.

Please sign up at the iSunday Counter, and purchase a copy of the
participant’s book for S$11.00.



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