To share the love of Jesus in our neighbourhood and beyond.
The triangular formation of the logo not only represents the distinctive ‘A-framed’ roof of our sanctuary, it also symbolises the Holy Trinity. The open Bible positioned at the foundation of the structure alludes to the biblical basis of our faith. The other end of the triangular formation bears the Cross of Christ. The flame-like stroke to the left of the Cross signifies the Holy Spirit who indwells and empowers us in our missions and ministries.

The opening in this structure suggests the openness of our church to those who enter as seekers and those who depart as disciples. Those outside enter to find the meaning of life. Those inside are sent forth. Equipped with the Word of God, carrying the message of salvation and anointed by the Holy Spirit, we go forth to share the Good News to our community, our nation and the world at large.
A strong and distinctive hue, orange is also known as the colour of "harvest". It combines the energy of red and the joy of yellow. It is enthusiasm and determination.

The grey building acts as a shadow to bring out the vibrant foreground. It also represents our unreached harvest field in our vicinity and beyond. The house at the base of the grey building denotes the Serangoon Gardens estate while the top of the grey building, a stylised depiction of a block of flats, represents the Serangoon North neighbourhood. Beyond our immediate community, the three open windows in the logo symbolise our "windows" to the wider world and its harvest of lost souls.






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