Small Group Leaders' Meeting


We meet quarterly...

1. For the church to connect with you.
Pastors and ministry leaders will encourage and share with you on the latest developments in TMC. Hence we urge everyone to make a special effort to ensure that you can attend. If there are potential SGLs in your group, bring them along too so they may hear and be plugged in too.

2. For you to connect with each other.
Although our groups may individually be very different, we are all servants of the one true Shepherd who has called us to lead the flock at TMC. We will spend time sharing with and praying for one another and our groups.

3. For us to know how our groups can connect with others.
Service is an important aspect of Small Group life, and we as mini-shepherds need to know how our Chief Shepherd is moving among the various ministries of the church so we may meaningfully participate together with them.

Next SGL Meeting



5 Oct 2013

Committed to Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Growth Assessment Process

Past SGL Meetings



13 July 2013

Reflections on a Pastor's Approach to Spiritual Formation

6 Apr 2013

1. Invitation from Rev Peter Goh
2. Designing My Personal Trellis of Life

5 Jan 2013

1. What to Expect in 2013 (SGL Calendar)
2. Ministry Sharing - W&E (Alpha in SGs)
3. About Mentoring
4. SGM - Discipleship Roadmap for SGs

11 Nov 2012

1. Wesley's 21 Questions - Ps Dianna
2. Ministry Sharing - Outreach & Social Concerns
3. Journey Guide for Small Group Leaders (book)

22 Sep 2012

1. Growing Deeper in Relationship with God - Ps Peter Goh
2. Ministry Sharing - Prayer & Intercession
3. SGM - Pray, Grow, Serve : what it means for Small Groups
4. Spiritual Gifts Inventory

2 Jun 2012

1. Leading Together - William Goh
2. Feedback on Church Vision

3 Mar 2012

1. 5 Habits of Highly Effective Cell Groups - Ps Peter Goh
2. Ministry Sharing - D&N
3. Ministry Sharing - W&E
4. Ministry Sharing - Missions
5. SGM - Habits of Effective SGLs - Lee Park Ming





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